Making this short because it's late and I'm exhausted. Jill went in to the ER for chest pain on August 1, 2012. After consultation, they decided to do a CT scan in case she had a blood clot. Test showed nothing, they gave her some Lidocaine to numb things and sent us home after they couldn't find out what was causing the pain. Friday morning her PICC line came out. She was running a low grade temp the night before, the nurse I called advised against meds so as not to mask a fever. By the time we arrived at the clinic, her entire body was covered with hives. At Walgreens, we picked up some allergy medicine for her and dropped her off at theater camp for a few hours. Saturday she laid low, not really doing much. Sunday she felt a bit better so we went swimming and grocery shopping. Today I sent her to camp with a lunch and picked her up at the normal time. We went to try on shoes and I noticed that she wasn't walking normally so I asked her about it. She denied feeling any pain so I let it ride.

Supper was stuffed peppers which she ate, the girls were fooling around in the hall so I yelled at them to get into bed. When I asked Jill why she was crawling, she said that her foot hurt, only now it is the opposite foot from the one that had the infection. Her left foot is very swollen, she doesn't seem to be running a fever and I have no idea what is going on with her, but I am very worried even though that isn't going to change anything. My husband's vehicle broke down, we had to buy a new dehumidifier, I got a letter saying that I hadn't paid a bill only I did, it was just posted the day that the letter went out. We are all short on sleep, stressed, and not sure what is going to happen next. I just want my girls to be happy and healthy, and we're doing what we can to make their lives as good as they possibly can be. Parenting is so hard when your kids are not behaving, however it's so much worse when they're sick or hurt and you have no idea what it is or what you can do to make things better for them. Don't know what else to do at this point other than write and pray. Will update this as I learn more. Thanks everyone who sent comments and well wishes previously, looks like we're not out of the woods yet.


Update: X-rays were normal except for a widening at the growth plate which they want to keep an eye on. Dr. thinks that Jill stressed her foot/ankle and it swelled up from lack of use during the past month. Rash is still terrible, we are going to take her in again on Friday if it is not gone or gets worse. Children's Hospital said they would call only if labs were abnormal so no call equals good news. I lost Jill at the hospital, she had ducked into a small cubby to read her book and I couldn't find her when I came back from valet parking. Security was very nice as was valet parking. Manager drove my car himself since not all parkers know how to drive stick. Went to see my aunt and uncle after picking Jane up from theater camp. Not a terrible day, but very emotional. No exercise, ate well until I came home and binged on junk. Must get more sleep tonight. Thanks for reading and hanging with me, hopefully this is the last of the this type of an issue we have.


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