Maybe it's just a personal reality tunnel issue, but it seems like e2 is less friendly now. No, that's not right...less professional I would say. Granted I haven't been here as long as some, but I’ve been around long enough to at least notice a change in tone. I’ve never been a big catbox user, but I always look at what's being said. More and more often it seems like when I look at the catbox there are complaints or heated arguments, or just general bitching. Perhaps it's just the clouding of memory that's giving me some sort of halcyon days of reasoned catbox chatter. I’m not sure.

I’m not looking to call anyone out by this. If things are shitty it's all our faults. But it seems to me like there is a overall tone change in user interactions. Polite reasoned response is no longer the norm it would seem. Vitriol has taken hold, rhetoric rather than reason. I try to maintain a professional demeanor in all my interactions. Which to me basically means, be polite to other people even if THEY ARE SO SUPER WRONG THEY NEED TO BLUDGEONED ABOUT THE HEAD WITH FACTS.

I miss what I (perhaps falsely) remember as a time when people were polite and I felt like I was surrounded by mature individuals. I know there have been issues in the past, I’m aware of people causing a ruckus and pissing people off, hell I’ve watched some of it go down. But it seemed less frequent in the past. I feel like every time I log on there is a battle of some sort going on in the catbox. Which I am fine with but the fights never seem to be the impersonal debate over issues that could feasibly come to some sort of closure for the parties involved.

It may be just me, but everything is a community doesn't seem as applicable as it once was. I’m not a very social user I admit that, and so I may be biased in this respect. But the general sense of community, and the hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with Quality® seems to be missing now,at least to me. I for one miss that sense of community very, very much.

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