On my London trip

My flight is Aeromexico (AM) 7, leaves at 23.15 PM, CDT (countdown) from Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez (MEX) and is scheduled to arrive at 16.xx, BST (countdown) at Heathrow Airport (LHR)

I am freaked out. A bit. In a good way, but still freaked out.

I wanted to write this while waiting for the plane, but I couldn't help myself. I have to type this now.

I don't remember the weight restrictions. I hope my suitcase weighs less than 25 kg.

Will update as needed, check back in a few hours—The Andy cave, Mexico City, 00.13, 2014/08/03



Even though we were all sleepy, we all stopped chatting on Telegram around 3 AM. I got up, got some spare cash, printed bank statements and a letter of introduction for the UK authorities. We don't need a visa, but it can't hurt showing them I have a life to come back to, right?

My best friend forgot about this thing she had to do and will not be able to pick me up to the airport. I'll have to go on a taxi, big deal. I'll update ASAP.—The Andy cave, Mexico City, 13.20 2014/08/03

I'm on the waiting lounge at the airport. Everything's a-OK. We board in an hour. Here's a beer for a good flight!—Benito Juarez International Airport, gate K. 21.05, 2014/08/03

Safe and sound in Heathrow. Will update later

Ok, so various people keep giving me feedback that my writing was not up to "it's usual standard" at the start of June. Also that my sister a better writer. Why, how nice to have feedback.

Well, ok, I kind of noticed my sister seemed to have more fans. However, I had systemic strep in my lungs and muscles with an antibody reaction. When you get a systemic infection you can talk totally batshit and see angels and it is NOT considered "crazy". It is called delerium and it means the doctors say, oh, shit and get the heavy duty intravenous antibiotics. They also cross their fingers and pray. Used to be that meningiococcemia meningitis, for example, was a 50% mortality rate even if the doctor and nurses did everything exactly right. Doctors and nurses try not to look like they have their fingers crossed and sphincters clenched but they are not sanguine about you surviving.

So I like my write ups from June. I think I managed to walk the boundary between ok and delerium pretty well. I was trying to sort out everything I could figure out about PANDAS and put it up on everything2, just in case I died. That way, some scientist or doctor might run across is some day and find it useful. I am still annoyed about the things sent to drafts, but like WHATEVER.

I think that death was very close there for two days. My heart was doing some really weird stuff and I had a lot of trouble breathing. Stayed out at a friend's, because after my treatment from the local emergency room, I decided I would return there only if I was dead, thank you. If they label someone crazy, their brains fall apart. They couldn't tell a rabid dog even it it frothed and bit them, I swear.

Aren't you glad I didn't die?

I'm not sure.

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