Here's something to consider.

Harland Williams.

Harland Williams was in two of the shittiest movies ever made.

He made an appearance in Freddy Got Fingered, by the great auteur that is Tom Green. He also appeared in Big Money Hustlas, which for those of you who are unaware of this property was a movie made by the Shakespearean-tongued brain surgeon duo Insane Clown Posse in order to, well, take more of America's welfare money out of the trailer parks. Keep in mind that this was a movie that brought in 90s one-hit-wonder "The Jerky Boys'" Johnny Brennan in an attempt to give it star power and elevate the material. A movie whose primary gag is that two inept lieutenants are called "Lil' Poot" and "Big Stank".

Oh, and Harland Williams as well.

Williams might very well be the Ted McGinley of extremely shitty movies. Only time will tell.

But every time I get down, I realize that no matter how much of a nobody I am, my career will be judged kinder by humanity and the test of time than the collected works of Harland Williams.

Consider that with the pedigree of Freddy Got Fingered, Big Money Hustlas and his own oeuvre, "
Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Face
" (which, for reasons almost nobody can fathom, right?- was self-published straight to direct download, not even DVD) - his body of work makes the movies of HULK HOGAN look positively Sir Laurence Olivier by comparison.


Went to bed early and woke up early which is a very good thing. My last load of laundry is out of the washer. I drained it, put the hose on top of it, and tried to sweep behind it as best I could. My comforter is still in the dryer, but I hung it on the line while everything else was going so it has a good start on getting back onto my bed. Things have happened so fast it's like being caught up in a whirlwind, but having an upcoming deadline forces me to be more decisive. I'm rethinking the books I was going to take with me. Once things are there it will be hard to get rid of them. I can always go to the library for whatever books I need. It's a very small space and the last thing I want is to clutter up a space of my own. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to these old friends of mine.

I'm working on eating up the things in my fridge and pantry. This morning I had fresh orange juice for breakfast. I'm making soup for lunch and have salad in the colander for later. Nothing too exciting, but I'm very happy to be back into the meal planning and prep routine that I had recently abandoned. I knew I would spend more on groceries now that I work at a grocery store. The temptation is to grab something to eat as long as I'm there, but that's the quick and lazy way to fritter away money I could be allocating elsewhere. I think I'm going to sell my desk, I could probably squeeze it in somewhere, but again, I would rather have less and feel as if there is some room to move and breathe in my new place. 

My emotions have been all over the place, the guy I'm seeing told me not to be afraid, I know things will be okay and I can handle any situation that is less than ideal. Having a paycheck helps. I'll still be getting child support money. My goal is to pay off my debts as I save up to buy a condo of my own. It will be tight financially, but that's the way it has to be if I'm going to get out of having to rent. I really feel for people who rent. You sink all sorts of money into a place that isn't yours and it's very difficult to save for retirement or to buy a place of your own when rent consumes so much of your income. I'm regretting my earlier ways, but it's time to move forward with the attitude that I can save and the future will be very different than my past.

Sundays are typically a good day for me. It's the one day I close at work, the pace is slower on Sundays. There's more time to clean and relax a little while getting the job done. I'm really looking forward to today since I work with a woman I like who is usually a lot of fun. Today I said goodbye to the lake. I'll probably walk down there again, but as I stopped to survey the view, we had dense fog this morning, it was impossible to tell where the lake ended and the sky began, there's comfort in familiarity, I'm leaving that behind, but the view at my new place will be nice as well and it will be wonderful to wake up and not have to worry about salting and shoveling the driveway. Many things are in place, I'm still anxious, but so happy I could cry

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