Something told to me by my compadre a few weeks ago.

I had just moved out here to the San Francisco Bay Area maybe a month and a half prior. Living on his couch while scratching out a new life far away from the trivialities I was seeking to leave behind.

We've known each other for many years, and have been supportive as a rock the whole time. We've got some sort of relationship going that defies all attempts at definition, and that hopefully will never change.

His lease was going to be up in a month, and I still needed a place to live. It was only natural that I suggested the option to him, that I was thinking I could be amenable to a situation of co-habitation where in prior endeavors, both of us have grown to resent our respective roomates.

"I don't want to risk our friendship."

I think those six words speak more about our love for each other than anything else.

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