A while back, Haiti damn near sank into the ocean due to some terrible earthquakes. Maybe you remember this. Maybe not. Bad things are always happening to far away strangers.

A young Marine freshly discharged from active duty realized that the same old shit was going to happen there, with a lumbering machine struggling to keep up with the reality of what was actually happening. So, feeling an obligation to go out and use his skills, collected donations and went to Haiti to help.

This was the birth of Team Rubicon.

Today there are thousands and thousands of Team Rubicon members, most of them veterans. They mobilize to natural disasters all over the US, and all over the world. They offer their services wherever they're needed and requested, filling in the sometimes enormous gaps that government and traditional relief agencies inevitably leave.

I've been climbing up the fucking walls waiting for classes to start. There's not a lot I can do other than wait, so I was hunkered down with a couple cases of malt liquor and some quality YouTube. Last night I got a call from Team Rubicon.

They asked if I could drop what I was doing, pack a bag, head to a third world hellhole, and endure makeshift accommodations while dodging stray bullets and struggling to help out the locals.

As of this morning, I'm headed up to the Detroit flood zones with Team Rubicon.

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