I've already chewed up all the gum I bought a couple days ago and noticed a few minutes ago that a piece of the box the gum came in was/is in my mouth. I asked my mom to get several packs today while she was at the store and she managed to forget. I bought orbits gum, I shouldn't do that again. It says its got 12 pieces, but in reality it's only 6 because they are so small you have to have two at a time to be really worth it. The amount of time the flavor lasts is dismal, barely an hour if you're lucky (though even when the flavor is long gone it tastes better than a box).

I think maybe needing to chew on something means I have some kind of deficiency, but I have no idea what it would be. Perhaps iron, I think my bread/eggs for lunch, macaroni for dinner and various bread based snacks diet is rather lacking in it. I eat an apple everyday though, isn't that the magical food for good nutrition (or at least dental hygiene)?

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