I haven't written for a while.

Partially because I got access to !Cs. (level 4?)
Partially because of dry July (no booze for me)
Mostly because I find my life too boring to bother other people with.

And even though I shouldn't start my sentences with an and, I've actually had things to do.
I don't talk much.
I'm at a chatty side of tipsy, for me that's usually between 8-14 beers, I'm on the 14th (don't judge me, I'm big, old, and Russian), but as soon as I started writing, my chatty attitude turned into reflective mode.

My new job is going well. Much better than expected. I thought it would be horrible.
I'm learning new things, which is generally my goal in life.
I'm doing a good job, but I'm worried I'm getting paid too much and may not last the 3 month probation period (though everything I've done and seen indicates there shouldn't be any issues)

Boss is good, he is smart, lets us do our work, and only bothers us if there's a problem (good boss)
I like my new job, it's pretty damn good (I haven't made any mistakes yet)

We went out for a 3hr lunch today with a CEO(boss boss)? of our contracting company and his two best and brightest. The way that the guy spoke sounded rude/racist to me.

--I don't think I'm an sjw (Social Justice Warrior)
I grew up in USSR, and came across some difficulties in my life, which I really really hope protected me from being affected by all this new age stupidity.--

I won't go into details, but this reminded me of a friend, who got into banking, was telling me that the people at that level HAVE NEVER MET A PERSON WHO'S BEEN ON WELFARE. I don't think most people realize the level of separation between normal people and SUPER rich (my wifey fell asleep listening to my explanation (hopefully I put aside a little {} for that particular argument))

This (as usual) must sound disjointed, but I found this lunch a bit awkward. The CEO (with a thousand people under him), was saying that his workers, are just like our workers; "If I cut her arm, it'll bleed red, just like your arm"

I wasn't really not sure he hasn't not tested that theory (just to confuse the legal team)

I've been reading too much sam512's sci-fi, and am now thinking about who-knows-what.

This 17th beer is not helping me portray my viewpoint.


(given a 3% interest rate)

{if you have $10 million in a savings account, you get
$300,000 a year in interest

I know people that would do anything (or anyone) for $15,000

if you have one billion dollars, as.. a few people do..., you get
$30,000,000 a year in interest

please assume I have a niece (or 3) who paint(s), she(they) paint(s) well, I pay a guy $10k to evaluate their painting at $10,000,000 each, and donate the painting (or 3)

Now, I don't have to pay tax on my donations, which are surprisingly similar to the income tax I would have to pay.

I now have $30,000,000 a year

If I was stupid, I would wait a year, hire 2000 people, and pay them $15k each to do whatever I want.
I could pay 200 people $150k each to tell politicians what to do
I could pay 30 very important people $10 million each and tell them what to do.

NOTE that $15k people are still available to convince the latter 2.

NOTE that $100b gives you $3,000,000,000 interest A YEAR. (that's 200,000 assassins at $15k a pop)
hackers are cheaper.
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