Some of my Mennonite acquaintances have been very kind in sending me tracts about their beliefs. Many of them relate to things that don't interest me, such as homeschooling, and others, I don't agree with their Biblical conclusions (the notion that God hates any form of entertainment including ball games - based on a VERY loose reading of "be not conformed to this world".)  Anabaptists in general have some intriguing notions of staying respectfully apart from the rest of the world, with the Amish being the most obvious. In fact the Amish are a fascinating study in how people codified Biblical principles into a set of rules for the time in which they were codified - for example, their no moustache policy is due to the fact that men were quite vain about their moustaches back in the day and it was seen as coquettish and an object of fashion and immodest to flount hair on your upper lip.

One of the things that is starting to resonate with me, however, is the idea that just as how one is very careful what to put in one's body, preferring fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins over the likes of a supersized Big Mac meal - it also behooves one to pay careful attention to what one puts in one's ears and eyes. 

This is not to say that I'm going to eschew a guilty watching of Game of Thrones - I don't think anyone would realistically model any of the behavior on the show - after all, where does one find a dragon? But that being said, I put the radio on while moving some boxes at work and heard a song by someone (who, I'm embarassed to admit I thought was named "Ajijiwah" but it was her spelling her name - I-G-G-Y, in her native Australian accent).

The bridge of the song contained these lyrics: "Trash the hotel/Let's get drunk on the mini bar/Make the phone call/Feels so good getting what I want/Yeah, keep on turning it up/Chandelier swinging, we don't give a (expletive)/Film star, yeah I'm deluxe/Classic, expensive, you don't get to touch"

And I realized I was reflexively nodding along to that. That's not something I want to internalize in any way.

(Random food for thought).

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