A game that is very similar to GLines on Linux. Atomica was created by Pop Cap Games, and is being hosted by the MSN Gaming Zone. Players score points by arranging colored atoms on the playfield into blocks of four or six atoms of the same color. More points can be scored if two or more blocks can be created in succession (i.e. Combo). The game ends when the playfield fills up and no more moves can be made.

Atomica is an program that utilizes your internet connection to look up the terms you input into its search bar. Once installed, it places an icon in your start folder, so it's powerful little GUI is always ready on your windows desktop.

The program looks up your query in an enclyclopedia, thesaurus, dictionary, medical dictionary, and legal dictionary. It also offers comparable words (translation) of your search in many foreign languages (including those with non English characters).

The fact that it's freeware makes it all the better. I think Large organizations are supposed to license Atomica. If you think you may appreciate this program, you can download it from www.atomica.com

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