In the dark, among the dividers of the cubicle world. The big screens. Hard wood floors and fun chairs with smooth wheels. Void_Ptr was there still and noted that I, Templeton, was roaming the halls.

We pull up a poof chair and watch Quick Time shorts, stretching out in this new contract to enjoy the company. Little is open today, grocery stores, somewhat. We have to buy food for camping, for Cornerstone. We pore over Meijer's for granola bars, juice, PB&J.

We are late for the fireworks. We barely catch the finale. On a crowded bridge, half out of sight, the smoke our only sign that things are exploding somewhere up there.

Several times we work to get moving for the drive through the night, but we are a caravan in the darkness. Two turtles trundling through night, rain, and fog. A storm blows over us and we pull over to watch it electrify in the sky like still life photographs of flowers in mid bloom. With each bolt we hold our breath, seated on the back of the car, leaning away from the breeze.

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