Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 82

Nymph of the garden where all beauties be,
   Beauties which do in excellency pass
   His who till death looked in a watery glass,
Or hers whom naked the Trojan boy did see;
sweet garden nymph, which keeps the cherry-tree
   Whose fruit doth far the Hesperian taste surpass,
   Most sweet-fair, most fair-sweet, do not, alas,
From coming near those cherries banish me.
   For though, full of desire, empty of wit,
Admitted late by your best-graced grace,
I caught at one of them, and hungry bit;
Pardon that fault; once more grant me the place;
   And I do swear, even by the same delight,
   I will but kiss; I never more will bite. 
Sir Philip Sidney

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