Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 73

Love, still a boy, and oft a wanton is, 
Schooled only by his mother's tender eye; 
What wonder then if he his lesson miss, 
When for so soft a rod dear play he try? 
   And yet my star, because a sugared kiss 
In sport I sucked while she asleepe did lie, 
Doth lour, nay chide, nay threat for only this. 
Sweet, it was saucy love, not humble I. 
   But no 'scuse serves; she makes her wrath appear 
   In beauty's throne: see now, who dares come near 
Those scarlet judges, threatening bloody pain. 
   O heavenly fool, thy most kiss-worthy face 
   Anger invests with such a lovely grace, 
That anger's self I needs must kiss again.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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