Also spelled 'Asmoday', reputed to be a great King of Hell. He manifests with three heads, the first that of a bull, the second a man's, and the third that of a ram. He has the tail of a serpent, and flame spews forth from his maw. Amosdai's feet are webbed like a duck's, and he rides on the back of an infernal dragon, carrying a lance with a banner.

Asmodai serves under Amaymon, and is chief amongst his servants.

Asomdai's domain is mathematics, astronomy, geometry, and the crafts. He was purported to make his summoner invincible, answer all questions asked of him truthfully, and reveal the location of wealth.

In the legions of Hell, Asmodai is reputed to lead 72 legions of minor spirits.

Asmodai is often (mistakenly) confused with Asmodeus, although none of the classic demonology texts suggest that they are one and the same.

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