Ask Nudgie is a strange internet phenomenon. It is a pseudo community centered around a single out of date message board that has been entirely corrupted from its original intended use. It was apparently originally designed to provide feedback to the relatively unknown (at least to me) musician David Nichtern aka Nudgie, hence the name Ask Nudgie. It was originally created in 1998, and since then has somehow become a place where a few hundred people come to ask each other what the name of songs that are played in commercials are. This is very useful when you hear a song in a commercial that you like, but have no idea what the title is. The message board itself is so outdated that it uses a format where all replies are shown, recently replied to threads are not bumped to the top, and the year is show as 103. Also, on the sides of the page are blue circles that are exactly the same color as the topics of the threads and responses, causing them to occasionally become partially blocked. However, it is still a very unique and active place, and I have never seen anything quite like it. Check it out at

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