Somebody's had too much to think!

A song from Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band's 1980 Ice Cream for Crow LP, the (uh...) commercial relaunch of Don's musical career in the post-punk era, including an appearance on SNL ("Bee Fart? Uh whut?", as my dormmates put it when I turned on the TV that night), and a cover story in the NME (IIRC), replete with a nice desert-themed spread by ace photog Anton Corbijn. "Ashtray Heart" was the second of the two songs performed on SNL; it was my first time hearing a Mellotron in the Magic Band, during the (uh...) "ballad" section of the song, though it probably wasn't the first time the instrument appeared on the show. Why this Mellotron fetish, sir?

To be continued...?

Open up another case of the punks!

My dormmates remained quite confused about what this Bee Fart stuff was.

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