Located in the Pecos Valley of southeast New Mexico. Population of approximately 12,000. Elevation 3,380 feet. Industry consists of primarily agriculture, oil, and dairy.

In 1903 artesian water wells were discovered in the dessert surrounding Stegman New Mexico. The newly discovered supply of water attracted settelers who soon established farms and ranches. With the discovery of the artesian water wells the town's name was changed to Artesia.

In later years agriculture was still important to the economy of Artesia, however in 1924 oil was discovered and played a huge impact on the growth and direction of the small town. The largest sorce of employment in Artesia is the oil industry. This includes jobs in the oil field as well as the refining jobs at Navajo Refinery. Many others in artesia work in offices and small buisneses having to do with the oil industry. Another huge employer is the Federal Law Inforcement Training Center (or FLETC), where police oficers and various federal agents are trained.

With an average rainfall of 12 inches a year Artesia's climate is hot and dry. Mosquite bushes and Yuccas are common on the ranches in the surrounding dessert. You might find cotton, alfalfa and chile among other things in the farm land surrounding Artesia.

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