British Expeditionary force that was formed to depose Dost Mohammed and replace him with Shah Shujah, who it was believed would be more favorable to British interests.
The army was led by General Keane Only one survivor of the 54,500 person force (16,500 fighting men and ~38,000 camp followers) was allowed to escape Afghanistan, and that only so he could tell the story.
The Army of the Indus was composed of 9,500 troops, both Indian and British, of the Honourable East India Company's forces, and about 6000 men in Shah Shujah's army. There were nine regiments of foot, a regiment of Queen's Cavalry, two companies of John Companys horsemen, artillery, engineers, military bands, and vast quantities of baggage. There were also huge numbers of noncombatants. For example, each regiment had 600 native stretcher-bearers.

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