I've finally caught you making a mistake Webster 1913!

And now that you've gone and used a different word than the one in the bolded example as the defined word of the node... I will proceed to abuse the word ardurous with ardor. I will ardurously proceed with this arduous task as I undertake the ardosity of it's ardoidnated nature. Ardent I making mistakes myself, you might ask, with ardurous intrest, but arduously I say to you, "Ha! It doesn't matter, because the dictionary was wrong!" So what if my ardurousness makes me a little hazy on the finer points of the ardrinated language that is English. A little ardinal rule to follow is that it's okay to make mistakes, especially when the arding dictionary makes them.

Ardurous. Good. Night.

Ar"du*rous (#), a.

Burning; ardent.


Lo! further on, Where flames the arduous Spirit of Isidore. Cary.


© Webster 1913.

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