The Arbatel of Magic

The Arbatel of Magic appeared around 1575, used by Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, and John Dee as well as many renowned occultists with true faith in God.

This manual of occult practice is one big step into the art of Theurgia, the art of the Divine Magical art, that connects you to the mechanics of the universe. No evil demands can be called to the Olympic Spirits without severe consequences. Any good deed asked to an Olympic Spirit will produce quick intense results. It is a very good idea to ask the Olympic Spirits for guidance and help in magic practices, before anything else. Do not be greedy, help others, and ask deeds for yourself with no exaggeration.

In any type of invocation, you must gather together physical and psychological correspondences in one single event, to amplify the effect, open the doors wider, make your mind available to the information and make your direct physical environment available to the work of the invoked spirit. The more correspondences you include in your ritual, the more intense will be the invocation and effects. The longer and more detailed the invocation is, the stronger the effect.

Most of all, the development of Virtues are the key element in the power of an invocation. Be forgiving and compassionate to amplify the work of Bethor in your life. Be kind and generous to amplify the work of Hagith and Och. Be active and prudent to amplify the work of Ophiel. Each invocation is determined by the flow of Virtues in your heart, mind and body. Each spirit has his affinities and aversions.

You can download the ancient english text from Nahag:Illumination at

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