(literally, an affinity for or obsession with spiders)

Arachnophilia is a handy HTML editor for those unwilling to surrender to either the moronic bloat of FrontPage or the austere pleasures of vi or Notepad. There are many editors out there, to be sure, and I haven't sampled them all, but I appreciate Arachnophilia's:

  • hideable tag button bars (one click gives you most common tags)
  • HTML beautifier
  • ability to preview working document with up to 6 different browsers
  • plethora of useful little features, such as "go to line #n", ASCII special character code reference, hex/oct/bin/dec calculator, etc.
  • table and list "wizards" for when you're feeling lazy
  • almost complete lack of bugs

    Although this software is free ("as in beer", not free as in "Open Source"), the creator has a curious idea: stop griping and do something nice for somebody, and you'll have paid for the software. Weird, but it sure beats the Microsoft EULA...

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