Aries stretched and rose to flip the record. 

We all waited, watching. Once in a while the fire would catch the space in between bread and bone, the salt encrusting our last reserve. 

Color me simple, he yawned. The song was not the same as the last time any more than the sense of wonder could meander through these halls with a new sense of assurance. 

All sense of authority vanished at the sound of the explosion. The vibe was present as a low undertone. Two times to speak the secret language of brothers lost in a faceless store. The mask was on sale. 

She curtsied and followed the lead. Seeing how the day caught its own tail, they found some food and called it night. She whispered in the mouthpiece, was it worth it?

The injunction stood, frozen. We filed past, slipping on the unlit stair well in advance. The promise bade him good luck.

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