Aries stretched and rose to flip the record. 

We all waited, watching. Once in a while the fire would catch the space in between bread and bone, the salt encrusting our last reserve. 

Color me simple, he yawned. The song was not the same as the last time any more than the sense of wonder could meander through these halls with a new sense of assurance. 

All sense of authority vanished at the sound of the explosion. The vibe was present as a low undertone. Two times to speak the secret language of brothers lost in a faceless store. The mask was on sale. 

She curtsied and followed the lead. Seeing how the day caught its own tail, they found some food and called it night. She whispered in the mouthpiece, was it worth it?

The injunction stood, frozen. We filed past, slipping on the unlit stair well in advance. The promise bade him good luck.

Dear Christian and other WELL MEANING PEOPLE.

Stop telling people that God has a plan, or that something awful that just happened was all for the best

The Bible has MULTIPLE stories and verses that talk about these topics - it says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. It also has Jesus correcting various theologians, discussing as to just whose sin is at fault to have caused illness in a certain man. 

In fact, the oldest book IN the Bible, the book of Job, discusses by parable the very problem of evil. In it God flat out says - you cannot even buld an atom, never mind reason out why the universe is how it is in terms of good and evil, or more properly, reward and suffering, justice and injustice. So don't try to do so.

The Christian answer is pretty clear - suffering happens. Bad things happen. There are good people who die poor and in pain, and rich people who live a long and happy life, laughing all the way to the grave. 

But whereas Epicurus, in his famous quote (“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not... etc") which has been quoted by every smug high school atheist since - thought he had the definitive answer - Christianity has another.

God is present in our suffering, and suffers WITH us. We do not know WHY suffering exists here, but we DO know he hung and suffered WITH us to encourage us.

The two theologians who tried to reason out whose "fault" it was that a poor man was afflicted with disease were told, bluntly - "it's nobody's fault - but it's an opportunity to show the world the glory of God."

And HEALED him.

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