Tour stop

I get off a tour bus after my daughter. There is an older woman sitting on a mat, mixing a paste with a small spatula on a board.

My daughter kneels in front of her. The woman looks at my daughter carefully, speaks to her, and then feeds her a small bit of the paste. Apricots, perhaps.

I kneel next. The woman looks at me and mixes the paste gently. She looks at me again. "You have a deep and wide capacity for love. You must avoid choosing someone who will burn through your resources and waste them." She feeds me a small taste of the paste. I nod and get up.

The next woman is muttering. That this is not hygienic, she is not going to kneel, she didn't sign up for this. She stands in front of the mat. The woman on the mat goes quiet, stops mixing the paste, is still. Almost inert and not looking at the standing woman.

I wake up.

Lake Street Dive: What I'm Doing Here

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