So Justin Trudeau, the President of Canada made it as part of his campaign promises to legalize marijuana as soon as possible. First order of priority.

It's a very English thing to relocate elsewhere: my uncle sold his bed and breakfast in Blackpool and opened a tea place in Florida. We moved to the West Coast. Others moved to the colonial area of Canada to still be in the Commonwealth. So I have relatives who were gloating that they'd be able to puff the wacky backy far sooner than, say, myself.

Trudeau was elected in 2015. He's just announced that he will introduce legislation to legalize it some time in 2017. That's... two years.

"First order of priority".

I'm sure when it's the priority to give the members of parliament a big fat raise, it wouldn't take two years. I'm smelling the "we must form a committee to study..." stalling tactic. Apparently Canada fell for that line the last time with the previous Trudeau, who made THAT a campaign promise. In the 1970s.

In other news regarding governments and disappointment, the Conservative Party in the UK are NOT going to be using the internet's suggestion to rename a scientific ocean going vessel. 

I have no idea why these people even put things to that kind of vote. I'm sure somewhere somehow they think the only people who will put their two cents in are the kind of NPR listening "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" aficionados who listen to shows where "the points don't matter" and the host has a very very very dry wit, isn't that right, Mr. Fry, meh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. 

They were probably expecting "The MacPherson", after "Sir Dossingbird Masslethwaite Bohay-Nowell MacPherson", the 18th century scientific explorer whose expedition by sloop and then horseback to the Dalingelo Archipelago led to the fascinating discovery of a new kind of wart-beaked twice crested warbling thrush - leading to musings on the nature of selection versus environment, further proving God doesn't exist.

Instead, the suggestion they got was "Boaty McBoatface".

And now you understand why any sensibly run country is never run as a democracy, but is somehow tempered by the rules of a Republic or some other mechanism for sober second thought.

Meanwhile in the United States, Ted Cruz has been mathematically eliminated from the race - and when that happened to Kasich, Cruz told him he should quit the race now because he's a no-hope loser. Suddenly Cruz has had a change of heart and is staying in - in the vain hope that Trump can't get the required number of delegates for an automatic nomination (or Cruz can flip some delegates away from him) and be coronated the nominee for the Republican party even though he never secured the vote. This is causing significant stress fractures in the Republican party, and I'm just starting to pop some popcorn with respect to this.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, a not insignificant number of Bernie Sanders supporters are blaming African Americans for killing off the hopes that the government would pay off their student loans, in a move that you literally couldn't script. Politically correct, bathroom-relabelling Lorax-blowing tree-hugging granola crunching progressives, hurling invective at "those stupid people of color" who wrecked it all for "the rest of us". The sheer cognitive dissonance of such a position is positively STAGGERING. And of course, there's been blowback, from within and without - regarding this position.

They'll fight on, even though their chances keep getting slimmer and slimmer and slimmer. Bernie himself has taken off to Vermont to rethink his political future. He might just throw in the towel in the coming week.

It's getting difficult. I swear, my neighbors in this building all know I'm on a crash diet and have chosen this week to cook incredibly aromatic dinners, all of them. The Italian family, the Mexican lady, and the Thai couple. It's fucking agony just getting to my apartment door from the street.

Three days of < 700 calories/day. I was hopeful I could substitute a lean boneless pork chop for one of the protein shakes but no go. I wanted to because I get sick of constant sweet things, and in this case it's not even really sweet, just fairly horrible artificial flavors (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate). I make do with a cup of chicken bouillon, which at least I'm allowed to drink to keep myself sane, and a large cup of peppermint tea with Splenda (also allowed).

Today I had to attend a talk a friend was giving, in a professional setting. Because it was a bunch of techies, the org hosting the talk laid out an incredibly nice spread to entice all all to come, and then hosted a trip to the bar afterwards. The guy I know at the sponsoring company and I have a joke - he runs the colo I built my last company's infrastructure in, and they had an executive meeting room at the facility for sales meetings and the like. We spent a lot of late nights there, and I discovered that they had two 5-lb jars of Jelly Belly jelly beans on the conference table. I must have eaten at least 3 lbs of them over the weeks we worked there late. When they redid the facility, and I visited, he walked into our cage when I was there, put down a motion-activated Jelly Belly dispenser (full of beans) and walked out without saying a word. So I got to the talk and on the table, among all the various cold cuts, beer, fruit, veg, raw bar - was a 5-lb jar of Jelly Bellies. Which he picked up, came over and handed me.

I managed to laugh the whole thing off. But fuck me, it was hard.

I had one 1-inch diameter slice of salami, and 1 baby carrot, to prove to myself I could taste it and not keep eating. The rest of the evening I drank water, and I didn't go to the bar.

This is seriously going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.

Weight: 329.5

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