A tale of stupidity and annoyance

Dear Crazy Important Man,

I understand that you are extremely important and that the traffic signal's inability to properly direct traffic due to power failure was very inconvenient to you. It was also inconvenient to those of us that live in that city block, as the entire block, including a fire station, lost power this morning. You were delayed at a traffic signal. I strolled into work 2.5 hours later than usual. Which of us was more inconvenienced by the power outage?

Furthermore, when a traffic signal isn't directing traffic, the intersection doesn't become the free-for-all that you seem to have enjoyed. Somebody goes first (this had happened by the time I arrived at the intersection). Then traffic continues in a clockwise manner until all parties are through the intersection. Sometimes people moving in parallel but opposite directions cross at the same time. Great! We've killed two birds with one stone. HOWEVER, it is never the right thing to do to rush out into the intersection when it's not your turn and nearly kill me! You probably just made it take longer to get through the intersection because everybody stopped what they were doing to look over at us and see if there was a need to call emergency personnel. Thankfully, neither of us (nor our vehicles) was hurt, and I hope you've learned a lesson: ATTEMPTED KILLING OF OTHER MOTORISTS IS A BAD THING!!

Thank you. That will be all.

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