Front yard vegie patches are common in suburbs with lots of Greek or Italian heritage, but up here mine is the only patch out the front. This is not a flash suburb, mostly old trust houses, so it is ok. Today I planted out oregano cuttings and weeded the kikuyu back out of the garden, again.

Polly sat, almost patiently, waiting for a walk across the road. I eventually weakened and took them both for a walk. Saturday grey, not quite raining, grass is still dry stubble and the earth is still crazed and cracked from a thirsty Summer. The dogs ripped around the park with their tongues wagging.

Came back to do more battle with prunings and weeds. Someone with a bluesy electric guitar in a house across the park started noodling around with chords and riffs. Our house is slightly uphill from the park which makes a kind of amphitheatre. Still day and low cloud so the sound filled the valley with bluesy resonance. I couldn't have chosen a nicer soundtrack for gardening. Found a potato and called it a day.

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