Every evening I seem to hit a wall of exhaustion. It's hard to explain how debilitating this is, even laying in bed feels difficult, I long to be separated from my body whenever I feel that way. Yesterday I went in for a massage which was a really smart move despite the money. I was going to have a chill day where I could relax and hang out, my ex called and asked if I would drive a box out to him on a job site. Since I wasn't doing anything else I said that I could so I packed up my daughter and headed out. The box was a lot heavier than I thought it would be, but I got forty bucks for my time and wear and tear on my vehicle which was really nice.

While we were out there we decided to go shopping. Wal-Mart is a store I try to stay away from, but a neighbor of mine had told me she gets clothing basics there so I decided to check it out as long as we were in the area. I found two pairs of stretchy yoga pants, I bought two tank style tops and a striped sports bra that is very comfortable. I spent kind of a lot of money there, more than I was comfortable with which reminds me that I have been lax in the tracking department. Mixing clothes and food on a receipt confuses me, I would have been better off paying for them separately, but I didn't think about it at the time. One of the pairs of pants is very tight, but I think they will be okay and may even be better than the looser pair.

I had a lot of fun with Jane yesterday. She was starving at the store so I bought her a snack pack thing I wouldn't normally buy. We split up so she could look at the things she likes instead of the uncool things her mom was shopping for, I told her we would meet up near the bras and she went her while I went mine. While I was checking out I was getting a bit anxious since I couldn't find her. I had walked up and down several of the grocery aisles thinking she might be there. Fortunately she appeared when I was checking out. She had gone out to the car thinking I would be out soon, I hate it when I don't know where my kids are even though they're old enough to be walking around the stores on their own.

This morning my eye was pink and puffy when I woke up, today is my cousin's baby shower, I have some ambivalence about that, it's exhausting to go to events at other people's homes and there's always a chance I will get sick or not feel well while I'm there. My mom means well, but she really just doesn't get how celiac disease works. You can't put gluten free brownie mix in the pan you use for regular brownies and expect that cross contamination will be avoided. I can bring my own food to everything which is probably what I should do, it's just frustrating and I'm complaining since I can which is a terrible attitude to have. Overall I have made progress and need to give myself some credit for that. I have things I want to get done, the house seems cleaner with fewer things in it which makes me happy, and that's a great place to be.


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