phoenix ring

I am traveling on a quest. I am searching for a silver bird ring for healing. A phoenix, with 100 feathers in it's tail. We search in Indonesia, finding and buying silver. I find a small ring that fits my pinky, but that is not the most ornate ring.

Our time is up and we return. I bring out the rings to show to a woman, hoping that I have found the right one. I give her the most elaborate one. It has gotten attached to two plastic parrots.

She laughs, "Plastic parrots? For healing?"

I am embarrassed and quickly unhook them. Why do I have plastic parrots anyhow? I like silly distractions sometimes. "No, this is special." I say.

This phoenix is not obviously a ring. It is about two inches long and its tail is tiny separate silver beads on strands - tubular beads. The ring is hidden. I gently open the bird's head and there are three tiny parts: a crown, a cup and a ring. I stack them and they support each other. The crown is tiny city silhouette. When they are all stacked I can put it part way on my picky.

I look at her hopefully. Will this heal?

I wake up.

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