More baggage

Stuff has been spilled and dropped on my bags and it's a mess. I am annoyed and think that the airlines and other people ought to be a bit more careful, though I am not surprised that they haven't been.

I start emptying my bags and yes, there is mud and dirt and leaves and tobacco. But as I am cleaning out the bags to reorganize, I realize that I haven't emptied these bags in a long time. They have been packed for an emergency. I realize that there are neatly folded clothes that I thought I'd lost. I start going through the baggage more carefully to see what I packed.

What will need cleaning?
What will I keep?
What will I get rid of?

I want my bags lighter, much lighter. Emergency gear can stay. Nothing unnecessary. I can travel lightly, so lightly, I like to have my bags as near to empty as possible.

I wake up.

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