A recipe for an easy (but time consuming) apricot dessert, it was called a wonton in a long since lost cookbook my mother had, so I will go with what I know.


1 package Wonton wrappers 1 can apricot pie filling 1-2 Egg whites Vegetable oil Powdered sugar


Heat vegetable oil in a deep fryer, wok or whatever is handy.

Lay out a wonton wrapper and with your finger apply a line of egg white to each edge so that it will stick together when closed. Put a small amount of apricot pie filling in the center, fold diagonally and press the edges to seal. Twist the ends. Place in hot oil until the wonton wrapper turns golden brown, remove and place on paper towel to drain excess oil. Using a sifter, dust the fried wontons with powdered sugar. Cool for a few minutes to let the hot pie filling cool off to a more tolerable temperature and serve. Mmmm tasty!!!

Serves however many you want to make. They are fairly popular whenever I make them but are time consuming for such a small dessert for each piece.

Can be made with whatever pie filling you want, but apricot seems to work the best in this case. Another variation on this is to fold the wonton wrapper into a square to make what looks like a little package, tasty as well.

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