Female robot on the television cartoon Tranzor Z/Mazinger Z, made of the secret Alloy Z and piloted by Jessica Davis/Sayaka Yumi (if you haven't guessed, the show was released in Japan and America with completely different names for just about everything), (unrelated) girlfriend of the hero protagonist, Tommy Davis.

The robot was originally designed by the show's scientist, Dr. Yumi, as a domestic assisstant; in the early episodes, it has no weapons. It is apparently powered by a "photo-atomic" energy source, stands 15 m high, weighs in at 16 tons, with a, ummm....chest measurement of 9 m.

Read that last bit as a stutter. Why? You know, it would all end there...this robot would be nothing more than a brief little footnote in the story of a little-know cartoon of the mid-80's, interesting only to like-minded dorks of the gen-x crowd. It would all have ended right there, if only they hadn't decided, a few episodes into the show, to arm the robot. And how, pray tell, did they do tha t? Arm cannons shooting photon bursts? Nope. Shoulder-mounted air-to-air rocket launchers? Nope. A magical sword of pure radiant energy? Think again, buck-o.

No. That would be boring wouldn't it? They had to go and give her breast missiles. Not regular missiles, not the standard nuclear warhead of doom, but detachable breasts which shot out and blew up the enemy. Dear god all mighty, how this has scarred me. There I was, just 7 years old, and my first image of the feminine role in society is a gigantic pink robot who launches her breasts of destruction against the evil hermaphrodite demon, devileen. Suddenly, every girl on the playground, every crossing guard was a potential time-bomb, ready to climb through the head of some pink leviathan, launch her breasts and bomb me out of syndication.

And they wonder why so many of us end up in therapy...

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