Aolus - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

11am -1 pm
'The Newspaper'
Stephen - Telemachus
Bloom - Ulysses
Crawford - Aolus
journalism - incest
press - Floating island
-- Lungs
Art/Science: RHETORIC

Ulysses and his ship crew arrive at Aolia island, where
Aolus gives the hero a 'bag of winds' providing his ship
favourable wind. After 9 days of traveling Ulysses crew
become suspicious of the bag, releasing the wind wich
returns them to Aolus. When Ulysses begs for another bag
he's violently rejected.
In James Joyce's book, Bloom, who's working on an add,
first receives a kind 'the world belongs to you' of Crawford
, but when he reenters, he's told 'Go to Hell'. Bloom becomes
the centerpoint of the jokes of the friends of Crawford.
Stephen, just missing Bloom, also enters the editors room
to deliver Deasy's paper. He's feeling trapped by the 'windbags
the people in the room spout over him
. As both Bloom and Stephen don't feel comfortable in the
group at the newspaper, this may be seen as a forecast
that they will move to eachother (the keyword is 'Key':
Stephen gave up his key, Bloom has troubles with the ad
for Keyes.
Of course, the incest of Aolus (and his family) has pa-
rallels with journalism here.

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