I heard this one from a friend. Sort of. He doesn't believe in coincidences, but I do. So I started thinking, what if this two points of view aren't incompatible.

There has always been stuff that happens that's good for someone, or isn't good for someone else. This "stuff" also happens in random series, one after another in a sufficiently short amount of time to distinguish them as, well, series.
Then, we live in a very big world, so these may add up to make something favorable to you, or something awful.
And that's what I think.

The thing is, because any sufficiently lucky series of coincidences are indistinguishable from miracles, whether you believe in God is the result of this events, or just causality yield the same results.

Because, in the end, the events already occurred, and you are left picking up the pieces and looking for an explanation.
And there's just that, explanations. Guesses, opinions, hypothesis.

And even if we found it the right explanation, who can tell us "Who" or "How" made that volcano erupt so it created the tsunami that drowned the Egyptians?

Just thinking of that in the bus before i got home.

And my first node, yaay

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