Antiscarp is the unconventional online record label based in Finland which has continuously released weird homegrown sounds in 320kbps quality MP3 format on their web site. Diverging heavily from all known forms of electronic music, the Finns have forged their own distinct underground through which the suomi-saundi is manifested. Diverse genres of electronic music are blended to yield funky, fucked-up, bizarro beats that are certainly an acquired taste. Far from being serious, the artists are evidently having a good time producing strange sounds unimpeded by notions of profit margin or accessability. Sometimes you will hear crappy eurodance music getting the Finnish treatment, which I suppose is just their version of 'taking the piss'. Some background knowledge of Finnish culture may help your appreciation of Antiscarp's music.

Regularly contributing artists include Texas Faggott, Squaremeat, Mandalavandalz, Lemon Slide, Tres Lost Amigos, Vihtahousu, and La Calamar, among many others.

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