Also known as Oss or As.

The rune of Signals.

This rune indicates that you must pay attention to all signs, signals and gifts. The message could be that a new life is forming or unfolding, or that a sense of family is developing. This is the signal to explore depths, foundations and life in general. Connection with all that is divine is at hand.

Reversed - You may be concerned with what appears to be a failed communication, with a lack of clarity or awareness either in your past history or present life situations. This has come at a positive time in your life process. Consider all of your options and views before making any important decisions.

Ansuz corresponds to:

Or more accurately Ansur (origin of the word answer)
As Odin hung on the tree Yggdrasil to learn the knowledge of the Runes so that he could pass on this knowledge to man he learned the answers.
This is the rune of inspired speech and incantation as a creative expression. It is linked with the ancestors, the magic of speech which passes along knowledge with the breath of life, the passing of knowledge through the spoken word, as differentiated from the written. It is the rune of the poet, the saga, the seer, those of inspired speech. It thus represents the ecstasy of inspiration, the "swan song" chanting out one's life as he or she prepares to meet death, the first cry of a newborn baby. It is whistling in the dark to banish fear. It encompasses the power of suggestion and sublimation.
Reversed: refusing the truth, avoiding knowledge needed to further your growth.

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