Another Bad Creation, or A. B. C. as it was affectionately referred to, was a preteen rap and hip hop quintet out of Atlanta, Georgia, both managed and produced by Michael Bivins, a founding member of New Edition and one-third of the trio that makes up Bell Biv Devoe. Being the youngest members of the East Coast Family, A. B. C. rubbed elbows with BBD as well as Boyz II Men (also produced by Michael Bivens).

Their first album, Coolin' At The Playground..Ya Know, landed Motown a platinum release back in 1991 and ranked number 20 in Billboard Magazine's Top 50 Best Selling Albums of that year. Interestingly enough, in that same year, Boyz II Men and Bell Biv Devoe ranked as numbers 27 and 33, respectively.

Coolin' At The Playground..Ya Know
Parents (2:53)
Playground (4:15)
Mental (So Pay Attention) (1:08)
Little Soldiers (4:13)
My World (3:50)
Iesha (4:22)
Spydermann (4:40)
That's My Girl (3:08)
Jealous Girl (5:38)
A. B. C. (3:52)
Both "Iesha" and "Playground" were Top Ten pop and R&B singles. Little known is their other album, It ain't what you wear it's how you play it , which was released sometime in 1993.
It ain't what you wear it's how you play it
Got It Goin' On (4:34)
Where's Ya Litle Sista? (4:07)
Keep Steppin' On (5:00)
One More Try (4:31)
I Don't Wanna Be Grown Up (4:46)
My First Kiss (4:46)
Show Me the Way (4:36)
Strive to Be (4:13)
Throw Ya Palms (3:53)
Another Bad Creation made its Hollywood debut by starring as the Junior Lords in The Meteor Man alongside Robert Townsend, Bill Cosby, and Samuel L. Jackson back in 1993.

Chris Sellers, Dave "Lil Dave" Shelton, Romell "Ro Ro" Chapman, and brothers Marliss "Mark" Pugh and Demetrius "Red" Pugh made up Another Bad Creation, with General Austin, Michael Bivins and Boyz II Men providing other vocals from time to time.

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