If you download Real Player 8, one of the new features that Real Networks has endowed to their player is visualizations, pretty much to keep up with the likes of Winamp, and Microsoft Windows Media Player.

There aren't as many visualisations as Media Player 7, but there is one that has them beat--Annabelle The Sheep.

Annabelle the Sheep is a stick figure sheep with a pink bow around her neck, standing on grass, next to a fence, with a blue sky in the background. Her legs will move in various ways depending on the intensity and tempo of the sound, and sometimes her head will bob up and down. It's very cheezy, kind of like something that would have taken the entire capacity of a Commodore 64 to draw.

But it gets better. Other things start happening if you look long enough. So far, I've seen birds fly by in the background, the moon rise from the horizon, Annabelle's eyes alternately bulge out to the music (like, say, Large Marge from Pee Wee's Big Adventure,) and the oddest thing, a disco ball come down from the top of the screen and flash little lights all over the animation.

With all the psychedelic visualizations out there from the other vendors, this is so incongruous that it's just damn funny.

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