Ann Summers is bringing sexy undies, chocolate willies and handcuffs to the Holy City of Mecca.

Only Muslims may enter the holiest city in Islam, but from October 2000 onwards tens of thousands of pilgrims making their way to Mecca and Medina for the Hajj pilgrimage, will be able to indulge in more than just prayer. - They'll be just as likely to get down on their knees for some doggy-style action if Ann Summers head, Jacqueline Gold has her way.

Some "erotic stock" has already winged its way to Kuwait - though sex toys will not be sold, as they remain illegal under Islamic law. Instead, the £53 million a year grossing sex-shop chain will restrict itself to selling exotic lingerie, leather goods and PVC bodywear, - with its range of chocolate bodypaints and massage oils being introduced later.

The advent of saucy shopping in Saudi has sparked a fierce debate amongst Muslims:

"When Muslims go to the holy city they should only be indulging in prayer," argued Noshaba Hussein, of the Iranian-backed Muslim Parliament of Great Britain.

However, Mohamed Ayed Alenezi asserted "Nice and sexy lingerie is not against Islam."
Some Muslim clerics concurred, lending their approval to the enterprise - Ayub Laher, of the Bradford Council of Mosques clarified the finer points of what is and is not permissible:

"Islam encourages a man and wife to please each other within the confines of their own homes. Underwear is allowed, massage oils can be part of innocent fun and as long as leather is not made out of pigskin, that is fine too."

I have received a number of messages from people who suspect me of shamelessly copying this. Just to say, no, It's meant to read like a cross between a broadsheet article and The Onion, and I as I work for a Newspaper, I did use sources, but none of this is plagiarised from a secondary source. Sorry to be so anal! Oh, and another thing (soz) I am myself of Arab descent, so I think I can get away with this!

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