"If I were born a woman, I would have been Anita" - Abbie Hoffman in Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture. Born Anita Kushner to a middle-class jewish family, Anita Kushner grew up working as a guard, a bus tour guide, a psych major in a mental clinic, and finally the wife and soulmate of famous revolutionary Abbie Hoffman. After leaving the beaten trail for the hippie life, Anita soon hooked up with Abbie and they were married in Central Park in 1967 -- a powerful symbol of the hippie generation. They bore a son, america Hoffman, also in 1967. Both Abbie and Anita strongly supported the hippie revolution, then formed and molded the core of the Youth Internation Party, YIP. The Yippies used "monkey warfare", as described by Abbie Hoffman, to disrupt the lives and minds of the American population. Anita was behind such schemes as the money dropping on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor, and the levetation of the Pentagon building in Washington, DC. In 1974, after many more Yippie pranks, and a cocaine bust, Abbie was forced to go underground. Although seperated from her husband, Anita still supported his underground flight until he commited suicide in 1989. Anita lived on, running a bookstore and keeping contacts with her friends from her generation. Anita also began work on the movie "Steal This Movie". Unfortunately, Anita died in 1989, before her movie was ever realeased. She died after a long bout with cancer, surrounded by her friends and family. Also see: To america with Love: Letters From The Underground, a book of Anita and Abbie's correspondece while Abbie was underground.

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