A British comic strip about a layabout who spends his time drinking, womanizing, and betting on the races. Andy and his missus Flo are the main characters, although Chalkie White (Andy's mate) and Ruby White (Next door neighbor and Flo's companion.) recur regularly.

It draws on limited subject matter; Andy's drinking, gambling, womanizing, laziness, rugby matches, and avoiding debtors. Flo also gets her chance to make smart comments about all this. It's better than it sounds, but it's a far cry from Calvin and Hobbes.

The strip was created by Reg Smythe, and first appeared in The Mirror on August 5, 1957. Reg Smythe died on June 13, 1998 from cancer, but the strip is still coming out. I haven't noticed any decline in quality, but I don't get to read it on a daily basis.

A television show based on the strip was attempted, but I don't believe it ever caught on.

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