Andrea Gibson was born in Calais, Maine and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana until moving to Colorado in 1999.

Living in Denver, she began attending weekly poetry readings at The Mercury Café, a downtown Denver shop known for rousing political interest through the arts. In a year’s time, she had become very well known in the area and was invited to perform with the Denver Slam Team at the National Poetry Slam in Providence, Rhode Island. Since, she has become the Denver Grand Slam champion four times. At the St. Louis National Poetry Slam in 2004, she took 4th place out of 350 competing poets, as well as leading the Denver team to a second place finish. She is currently a member of the esteemed Bullhorn Collective, a group consisting of thirty of the world’s highest ranking slam poets and accomplished performance poets.

She also joined Vox Feminista, a performance group of a radical feminists working for social change through the media and culture. Andrea describes herself as a “queer, optimistic, peace-activist,” and brings these things to light both through her poetry and her activism. Currently she is pressing the issues of genderqueers/the third gender, or those who identify neither as male or female. She also writes about and works on issues concerning the war in Iraq, capitalist culture, white supremacy, patriarchy, and other rudiments of social politics.

Andrea spends the year touring and has performed everywhere from Pride and Lady Fests to universities and small coffee shops across the country. She has appeared on Free Speech Television, Dyke TV, and was featured in the documentary Slam Planet. She also makes regular appearances on independent radio stations nationwide as she travels.

When not on the road, Andrea resides in Boulder, Colorado and works as a pre-school teacher.

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