2019 Sep 10

5 minutes: Bomb breaks her arm

Glass is everywhere.

She's alive. She can't believe she's alive.

She can't hear a thing. Droning. Muffled droning. She sees people shouting. She can't make out what they're saying. They're moving in slow motion. Everyone's moving in slow motion. Running.

She tries to get up. Wrong arm. Pain bites into her. She collects herself. Get up. Get yourself up. It's not safe here. She plans her movements more carefully. 

The other arm. Use the other arm.

She staggers to her feet. Confusion. Haze. People run by her. Almost got knocked down again. Someone is shouting at her. She doesn't understand. She can't hear. The guy gives up. He runs off.

Where's he going? Where should I go?

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