Book sold as an accompaniment to Serial Experiments Lain. It is a collection of artwork and commentary on the series, including how it was created, original design sketches and a miniature comic book ("The Nightmare of Fabrication"). Covers both the anime series and the Playstation game.

The book offers a fascinating insight into the imagery the creators of Lain had in mind while designing the series, including early drafts of Lain's appearance, age, and the appearance of other characters. There is also plenty of beautiful full-page artwork, some of which can be seen in the covers of the Lain DVDs.

One interesting note: The pages of the book are ordered backwards in relation to traditional books (that is, the pages are ordered back-to-front, right-to-left). Even the panels in the short Lain comic are ordered from right-to-left, although the text is not reversed.

All illustrations: Yoshitoshi ABe
Text of the Layers: Chiaki J. Konaka
Japanese, with a some English; Hardcover: 128 pages.

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