The protagonist of the first Mobile Suit Gundam TV show and movie.

Amuro was a somewhat neglected Japanese child living on the space colony Side 7. His father, Tem Ray, worked in military research.

At the start of the One Year War, Side 7 is attacked. Amuro, 15 years old at the time, finds himself the only one in the position to pilot the then-prototype mobile suit Gundam. With one hand on the control stick and the other on the pilot's manual, he manges to dispatch a number of combat veterans piloting Zakus.

Although Amuro was able to defend both himself and the Gundam, the attack left the crew of the carrier White Base decimated. Pressed into service, Amuro became the main pilot of the Gundam, and perhaps the greatest ace of the Federation forces.

The amazing success of Amuro in combat soon made it clear that he was a New Type, the next evolutionary step in human development, characterized by hightened perception and reflexes, as well as limited telepathy. Eventually, other New Types were identified.

His rival is Char Aznable, the Red Comet, ace pilot of the Zeon forces.

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