A small town in Buckinghamshire (in the UK). It is divided into two parts; Old Amersham and (the more recent) Amersham on the Hill.

Old Amersham is located at the bottom of a small valley and is, at times, surrounded with picturesque fields of wheat (and with somewhat ugly fields of oilseed rape). It is home to a large number of restaurants and pubs - including one ('The Crown') in which a part of the film Four Weddings And A Funeral was shot.

For reasons unknown, Amersham is host to the largest Tesco supermarket in the area.

The new town is somewhat less interesting. It is largely (in my experience) centered around a small high street containing various small shops - none of which have ever held much interest to me.

Amersham on the Hill also contains a swimming pool and a train station, both of which Old Amersham lacks.

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