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Total US-Israel state to state financial aid in millions of USD

1949-1969: 74*
1970-1973: 425*
1974:      2,646
1975-1982: 2,348*
1983:      2,501
1984:      2,629
1985:      3,372
1986:      3,800
1987:      3,050
1988:      3,050
1989:      3,050
1990:      3,050

* Average amounts

After 1990, the amount of US aid to Israel accounted to about 3,000 million USD a year: 1,800 million as direct military assistance and 1,200 million as civil assistance (which is mainly used to pay interest on past military loans). The United States also provided Israel with 80 million USD a year in "refugee resettlement assistance" for Jews migrating to Israel. In 1996, Israel received another 50 million USD package for anti-terrorism equipment.

In 1998, Israel received the same amount.

In comparison:

Egypt received 2,100 million USD;

Jordan: 150 million USD (under an agreement with the United States, Israel and Egypt returned respectively 50 million USD to the newly created "Middle East Peace and Stability Fund". Jordan will benefit these other 100 million USD for its commitment to peace);

The Palestinians 100 million USD, mainly through NGO’s. In August 1997, the US Congress allowed the expiration of a law, the Middle East Peace Facilitation Act, which permitted direct assistance to the Palestinian Authority. it did so because the Clinton administration was unable to certify that the PA was complying with their agreements with Israel.

The reader should note that in 1998 total funding to Israel was +/- 3.1 billion USD. Total 1998 funding to Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine totals 2.4 billion USD. Any figures on US aid to other Middle Eastern nations were unavailable at the time this node was written. I hope these figures make clear the fallacy of claims that the events of September 11th, 2001 were in response to American aid and efforts in the region.

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