This game was a side-scrolling action game released for the original 8 bit NES system in the late 1980's by American Sammy Corporation. According to the story blurb in the instruction booklet, the game chronicles the adventures of Amagon, a marine with the bizarre power to become an incredibly strong, naked version of himself who shoots energy waves. He is sent to an island in the South Pacific where monsters have been appearing. His plane crashes, as is evident from the title screen which shows Amagon saluting the player in front of his crashed plane. So, armed only with the aforementioned bizarre superpower and a rifle that shoots remarkably cartoonish and benevolent-looking bullets, Amagon sets out to get to the other side of the island, where his rescue ship is apparently waiting for him behind the final boss monster. On the way, he defeats many varied enemies, including hornets, elephant men, lion men, jumping mushrooms, frighteningly fast lobsters, spiders, birds, owls and these crazy UFO-like things. Defeating these creatures gives you points which you can use to transform into the stronger version of yourself, Megagon, assuming of course that you can find the MegaKey (a small brown box with a bodybuilder on it) that you'll need to accomplish the transformation.

All information in this writeup is taken from the game itself, which I owned as a child, although some research was conducted at as well. Their reviewer gave this game a -39 out of -50. While they are notoriously harsh in their game reviews, I am afraid that I also have to admit that even as a child with a long attention span I was never able to muster sufficient enthusiasm to get past level three.

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