Alvin F. Staufer is a noted author of railroad books, and has written a number of works that should be in the collection of anyone interested in steam locomotives and railroads of the North-Eastern United States.

Pennsy Power: Steam and Electric locomotives of the Pennsylvania Railroad 1900-1957
Although showing its age, still the definitive work on the Pennsy's steam and electric locomotives.
Pennsy Power II: Steam, Diesel and Electric Locomotives of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Takes off where Pennsy Power left us. There's a small steam selection, mostly just an excuse to show a few interesting photographs, but the meat of this volume are the chapters on the new (at the time) E-44 electric locomotives, electric multiple units like the MP-54, Silverliner and Metroliner, and on the Pennsy's diesel fleet.
Pennsy Power III
This is intended as a replacement for Pennsy Power II, although the photographs are largely different. It expands the coverage of the previous book to include gas-electric railcars, passenger cars and freight cars.
Steam Power of the New York Central System: Volume I - Modern Power - 1915-1955
A shorter book than any of the Pennsy Power series, this is still a valuable work. Great facts and pictures of the NYC's modern steam fleet, especially the Hudsons, Mohawks and Niagaras.
New York Central's Early Power
Coverage of the NYC's steam locomotives that were too old to be in the previous volume.
Thoroughbreds:The most famous class of locomotives in the world - New York Central's Hudson
Who would have believed that a book so large could be written about one locomotive type on one railroad? Alvin F. Staufer loved the Hudsons, and this 350 page book is the result. Probably more than you ever wanted to know, but fascinating stuff.
Erie Power: Steam and Diesel Locomotives of the Erie Railroad from 1840 to 1970
A solid treatment of the Erie's power.
B&O Power: Steam, Diesel and Electric Power of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1829-1964
A similar treatment of the B&O.
C&O Power: Steam and Diesel Locomotives of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 1900-1963
And this time of the C&O.

He also produced a number of books of plans and diagrams of locomotives and cars, and large format prints of his own paintings of locomotives.

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