A US based lighting company. Manufacturer of a wide range of conventional lighting fixtures ranging from simple PAR cans to the Shakespeare line of high performance ellipsoidal reflector spotlights.

I consider Altman equipment to be professional grade, compared to the prosumer equipment produced by L&E, or the junk that is produced by American DJ.

Major highlights of their line include

Shakespeare - A high performance elipsoidal reflector spot light. This fixture is very similar in functionality to the ETC Source 4

360Q - A more traditional 6 by elipsoidal reflector spotlight. Most theatres and rental houses that stock Altman gear will have a lot of these.

65Q/165Q - A good old fashioned 6" fresnel fixture. The optics are pretty much identical between them, the difference is that the 165Q has a screw feed lamp position adjustment, while the 65Q has the simpler nut and tray setup.

PAR64 - Just a traditional PAR64 fixture, but manufactured to a high quality standard, with good strain relief, smooth edges etc.

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