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Greek mythology
The daughter of Phegeus and wife of Alcmaeon. Alcmaeon left Alphesiboea for Callirhoe, and tried to retrieve the necklace and gown of Harmonia (which he had given to his father-in-law Phegeus) so that he could instead give them to Achelous, the father of his new bride. Different accounts say that Alcmaeon was killed by either Alphesiboea or her father for his deceit.

E2 Dictionary of Classical Mythology


  1. A nymph from Asia who was loved by Dionysus. But the god could not succeed in seducing her until one day when he had the idea of changing himself into a tiger. In terror Alphesiboea agreed to allow herself to be seduced by the god in order to cross the river (then known by the name of Sollox) to the banks of which she had fled. By Dionysus she had a son, Medus, who afterwards gave his name to the Medes and called the river on whose banks his mother had been forced to yield to Dionysus the Tigris.
  2. Alphesiboea was also the name of the daughter of Phegeus, otherwise known as Arsinoe.


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